The person and significance of Jesus

course outline


exam themes

Oct 13

no class
video assignment: N. T. Wright, "Did Jesus Really Rise from the Dead?"

Oct 20

Reading: Genesis 1:1 — 2:2

Oct 21 (Saturday)

The hope of Israel
Reading: Genesis 22:1-18; Exodus 12—15:1; Psalm 19; Isaiah 6:10-17, 9, 11, 12, 49, 52-55, 61; Baruch 3; Ezechiel 36-37; Daniel 7; Zechariah 9

Oct 27

Early articulations
Reading: Melito of Sardis, On Pascha; Irenaeus of Lyons, Against Heresies (excerpts in Norris)

Nov 3

Third and fourth century issues
Reading: Tertullian, Against Praxeas; Tertullian, On the Flesh of Christ; Athanasius, Orations against the Arians. The excerpts are found in Norris.

Nov 4 (Sat)

The person of Jesus: Ephesus and Chalcedon
Reading: Theodore of Mopsuestia, fragments; Nestorius, First Sermon against the Theotokos, Second letter to Cyril; Cyril of Alexandria, Second letter to Nestorius, Letter to John of Antioch; Leo the Great, Tome. The excerpts are found in Norris.

Nov 10

The person of Jesus: From Chalcedon to Nicea II
Reading: Maximus the Confessor, Ambigua 7, 11
Outline (included in the previous outline)

Nov 17

The power of the cross: Anselm
Reading: Anselm of Canterbury, Why Did God Become Human?

Dec 1

The power of the cross: Reformation perspectives
Reading: Martin Luther, Commentary on Galatians
Outline (included in last week's)

Dec 15

Living the life of Christ: Trent and beyond
Assignment: Visit and reflect on the Christology evidenced in the following churches: il Gesù, S. Ignazio, SS. Carlo e Ambrogio al Corso

Jan 12

Twentieth century Christology
Reading: Karl Rahner, Foundations of the Christian Faith

Jan 19

Contemporary issues
Reading: Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Dominus Jesus

Jan 26